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Your hourly rate and package options.

Hourly Rate: $30

You will be charged $30 per hour that we work for you. We bill in 1-minute increments, so you only pay for what you get.

Update & Maintenance Packages

Please note: Update & Maintenance Packages are only available for sites designed by Simple Site Guru.  We offer bi-weekly and monthly packages for website updates and maintenance, including scanning for viruses and hacking, as well as backups of FTP files and MySQL databases. Please call (209) 418-7579 or fill out our contact form to receive a quote for the update and maintenance packages available for your website.

Sample Site Design Cost

Customized website design for a fully-responsive (i.e., mobile-friendly), medium-sized website (approximately 5 to 10 pages) generally takes from 40 to 50 hours (this could include website registration and setting up your website host, as well as the addition of SEO keywords and descriptions on all site pages). This is $1200 to $1500 at our $30 rate. Schedule a free consultation, and we’ll create a customized proposal and estimate for your new site: schedule here.

You can see greater detail about pricing in our blog post, How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website?.


Vaquero Health WebsiteUsing Jamie to design my website was a great “investment” in starting my business. She was very thorough and worked with me as a team. The end result was a website that met my high expectations. I’ve already given her name out to other business friends.

-- Marty Ekrem, President, Vaquero Health Resources, LLC,


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